I am a Boston illustrator who absolutely adores painting quirky, whimsical children's illustrations. Though I love painting the night away, I also have a deep passion for sculpting: creating jewelry and figurines from polymer clay. I aspire to illustrate children's books and work in the entertainment industry.

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A few new necklaces! My favorite of this batch is the lil orange kitty, Murray :)


Some of the necklaces I’ve done recently! Purchase yours here!

"I worry what you just heard was give me a lot of bacon and eggs… what I said was.. give me ALL the bacon and eggs you have, do you understand?"

My “Ron Swanson” necklace is for sale here :)

Some “In-Progress” shots of my necklaces.

I just love using Super Sculpey and sculpting away for hours! I spend about 1-2 hours sculpting these little heads, and then I bake them for 20 minutes. After they’ve cooled, I then paint them with acrylics.

After all this time, I haven’t done a post anywhere on my Siren Gem Costume from Tron: Legacy.

The first time I saw this movie I just KNEW I wanted to Cosplay as Gem. The thought of squeezing myself in a white catsuit sounded awful, so I thought maybe I’d change up the costume and turn it into a dress, figuring it would be easier to walk in and get in-and-out of.

I have almost zero fashion skills, and I thought maybe I could put together a crappy version of the costume, though I really wanted something nice. I thought about all my designer friends, and went with Vengeance Designs, because Kayla makes epic latex costumes and I knew she’d do a fantastic job. Also, I’ve never worn latex and it looked like a ton of fun, and it definitely was! I worked with Kayla and after doing a bunch of research and messaging other Gem cosplayers for advice, we decided to add reflective tape onto the dress for the reflection vs. using wiring.

The dress came and it was made to perfection. It fit like a DREAM and I felt like a totally new lady with it on. When using a Flash on a camera, the reflections looked fantastic.Sadly after one day of wear, the reflective tape didn’t hold up very well, and began to peel off. I made the situation even worse when I washed the glide off the dress that night, it disintegrated the glue holding the tape on. I spent a day using E6000 to put the tape back on the dress, but after another night of wear, the tape just disintegrated off the dress. It was trial & error, and the first time Kayla used the tape on a dress before. I should have found a tape that didn’t crinkle or rip when bent. The dress itself though is phenomenal and I love it dearly, and hopefully can find a way to wear it again without the tape.

For shoes, I bought Jeffrey Campbell’s White ALEXIS shoes (hey! they’re onsale here!) My eyelashes were from House of Lashes, and I loooved wearing them. The contacts were from PinkyParadise. I’ve never worn colored contacts before, but I normally wear prescription contacts and this was one of the few legit places I could find prescription-colored contacts in the light grey that I needed for Gem’s eyes. Unfortunately they didn’t sit well in my eyes, and my eyes were killing after a few hours of wearing these, and I couldn’t see very well out of them. My Gem looked like she was either crying all day, or drunk.

For the white hairspray, I used Streaks N Tips Temporary Color in Icy White. I have a lot of hair, and it took almost 2 full bottles to cover all of my dark brown hair to the white I wanted it to be. I knew I couldn’t pull off a wig, and a spray seemed like the cheapest, best option. Over time, the white would flake off of my hair if I touched it. I thought it looked great with my costume, however when I showered after wearing the spray for about 6-8 hours.. it KILLED my hair! All of a sudden I had horrendous fly-aways. and tons of dead-ends. I think the one day of wearing a ton of hairspray and this colored hair spray just sucked out all the moisture from my hair. It really bummed me out, and I’ll never do colored hair spray again! I used a $3 Urban Outfitters bun scrunchie to get the Gem hairstyle. Worked perfectly!

Someday I want to get professionally photographed in my dress. It’s too pretty not to!

Of course we can’t forget the Custom Cat Necklaces!

This here is my friend’s beloved Oreo, so she can wear him all day even though he’s not with us anymore <3

These aren’t up on my etsy shop yet, but you can still order them through the Custom Dog Necklace link!

Some new jewelry I’ve been working on: Custom Pet Necklaces!

Here are Pitbull Meera and German Shorthaired Pointer Mig! Two beautiful lil babies.

If interested, you can order one from my etsy shop!

Happy slothy Valentine&#8217;s Day!

Happy slothy Valentine’s Day!

New Raven Skull necklaces for sale in my Etsy shop :)

Purchase here!

Another holiday commission for my boss: he wanted two Sculpey heads for his children, Korey & Haley.

I have the most fun sculpting, but I ALWAYS underestimate how long they’ll take me to finish! One head takes me about 15 hours, start to end.

I start with a tinfoil ball, and then a basic layer of sculpey over it. Depending on the size and detail, I will bake in sessions, so sometimes a piece has been baked 2 or 3 times. Once sculpting is complete, I bake and sand the piece down. Then, gesso over the piece and paint with acrylics. After painting is finished, I varnish with Varathane, and THEN the final step: adding hair. Surprisingly the hair is the most tedious part.. the hair on each of these sculptures was 5 hours.. each! Once the piece is finished (the glue in the hair needs to cure, the varnish needs to dry, the glue causes the sculpture to smell like chemicals so THEN i need to plop them in front of a fan for a day to get the smell out) .. i photograph them, and VOILA!

 I can’t help it, but I just wanna sculpt sloths all day :)

You can order your personal sculpey head at my etsy shop!

Here are two holiday commissions.

The top illustration was for a Coastie who wanted a label on his homemade wine. He just had a newborn son named Elliot, and the baby’s nickname is “Monkey-Butt.” Alas, “Monkey Butt Cabernet”

The second illustration was a holiday card for a friend, who wanted her family as gingerbread people.

It’s been nice using Corel Painter and Photoshop to paint, but I’m really itching to start painting traditionally again. There’s an ease to painting digitally and I get really anxious with acrylics. One of my goals for 2014 is to get paint into acrylics and start with oils.

I have been very bad about keeping my blog updated with new work!

This was a small t-shirt design commission for a group of Coast Guard Chiefs. The awesome thing about being a bartender on a military base is that I get to meet hundreds of people from all over the country, and surprisingly I meet a lot of artists in the military as well. Thanks to the large number of people I’m in contact with at my job, I’ve been able to get quite a bit of work from them.


Marg, Dany &amp; Mel. Besties!
Game of Thrones Day at King Richards Faire, Carver, MA.

I submitted this to the GoT Tumblr. Happy fun times!


Marg, Dany & Mel. Besties!

Game of Thrones Day at King Richards Faire, Carver, MA.

I submitted this to the GoT Tumblr. Happy fun times!

Three-Toed Baby Sloth Pen Holder!

This lil baby needs a home! He’s available for sale at my shop!

Made from Super Sculpey and hand painted with acrylics. I got bored one night and felt an urgent desire to sculpt a cute baby sloth. Infact, all the art projects I want to create recently involve sloths…

nothing wrong with that.

Victorian Anchor Necklaces I’ve made.

Buy yours here!